We at C2C feel our services are as important now as ever. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, C2C is launching Campus2Career 2.0. The shutdown of the economy will have a lasting impact on the job market. In the near future you may be looking for a new job, wanting to improve your current employment situation, or even pivoting to a new industry or field. C2C has the coaches and counselors to help you reach your professional goals.

C2C 2.0 is a compact version of what we have been doing the past ten years, tailored for individuals who have already started or are about to start their professional careers. It will primarily focus on coaching, networking skills, resume review, and interviewing skills geared to your needs for the current times.

If you are interested in learning more about C2C 2.0 or know of someone who is, contact Campus2Career’s Principal and Founder Frank Schroeder at 312-343-5593. or at [email protected].