C2C Alumni in the Workplace

A couple months ago I started my first office job (so exciting!) at a company called ItemMaster. It is a small company (about 30 people) and my coworkers are great. I am in data analysis so I am creating reports all day. The best part of the job is that I feel like an essential member of the team, and I can immediately see the positive impact that the work I do has on my coworkers and the company.

I am so grateful for all of the help that I received from the C2C team, thank you all so much. Each of you played a part in my progression. Also, I’m glad that Gretchen Fry emphasized networking so much as that is how I eventually landed this job. Thank you all very much and I look forward to keeping in touch.

-Brian Cross, alumni

I am very excited to inform you all (Frank, Gretchen Cooper & Gretchen Fry) that I was promoted to a position called “Assistant Lead” in my department. I was brought up in front of the whole Chicago team and the VP of Operations said some kind words about me and announced my promotion. There was lots of applause and congratulations, it was surreal! Very excited about this opportunity and all of the possibilities that it will bring. It feels great to achieve the goals I set out for myself and I want to thank you all again for your support and guidance through this exciting time in my career!

-Adam Schwartz, alumni

Thank you for all of your help as I was looking for a job and the sometimes emotional challenge that can present. Without expecting it, I have found myself in the perfect job for me right now, one that I never would have expected a couple of years ago. Frank, Tom, and Gretchen, you helped me tremendously and I am so grateful to be in this role and if I hadn’t had the chance to work with you, I would have had a difficult time identifying what I really wanted to do regardless of how I choose to do it. I wanted to be employed in a unique and still (to some degree) undefined sector, and I have found myself in a more stable industry doing just what I intended to do, changing the world, but through our high schoolers.

-Aleka Woods, alumni

I thought I would share with you (Gretchen Cooper) that last night was the Publicity Club of Chicago’s award dinner, and we won a Golden Trumpet and the Buell Patterson Technology Award for our work on my client the American Academy of Sleep Medicine last year! I got to go up on stage with my colleague and receive both awards – it was very exciting! We have the PRSA awards next week too. Hope to see you and all my C2C friends soon!

-Rebecca Raudabaugh, alumni

I want to let you (Gretchen Cooper) know how much I am loving my new job, I work with a bunch of great people and this is definitely the right industry for me. I hope all is going well with you and the rest of the C2C team.

-Arthur Hailand, alumni

Peter (Graham) has been a big part of what we are doing and again appreciate you (Gretchen Cooper) and Frank connecting us.

-Bill Claus, employer, Link Capital