C2C Explore

The Campus2Career® Explore Program

C2C Explore is a program focusing on the career exploration assessments and allows our clients the opportunity to start the conversation about potential career paths with the C2C Principals. This option is excellent for college students, particularly those in their sophomore or junior year, who are still in the position to design a course of study, choose a major and a minor, and are preparing for securing an internship. The assessment feedback session is followed by two meetings, set by the client, with the C2C Principals.

This program is also applicable for the young adult who has been in a job(s) without satisfaction, and is seeking to explore other career options.

Clients selecting this program have the option to expand into the C2C Discover or C2C Six‐Phase programs if and when desired.

Specific Deliverables of the C2C Explore Program:

  • C2C Welcome Dinner
  • Completion of multiple assessments of skills, traits, style, motivators, strengths, needs and preferences.
  • Assessment feedback session led by C2C industrial psychologist, with a summary provided to the client.
  • Translation of client feedback to potential career paths and fields of study, considering possible target industries and functions.
  • A total of two follow-up consultation sessions with one or both of the C2C Principals, Frank Schroeder and Gretchen Cooper Athas.


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