Being a two-year post grad with an unsatisfying job in a challenging job market, I was faced with the inevitable question of what should be my next step. Knowing I was passionate about finding a career, not just a job, I did my due diligence of thinking through different options, but was unsure of how to move forward.

Deciding to become a client of C2C was by far the best investment I could have made in myself. From Day 1 of meeting the team, I was excited about the process and finally felt that I was making the right and positive moves to establish myself in a future career.

Between the professionalism of the C2C team and the constant support and care offered from the beginning, I felt myself maturing in my approach to not only networking, but being able to understand what goes into establishing a strong foundation for a career. I can say, without a doubt, that the C2C team was an essential component in my professional development and helping me navigate my way to a more fitting career.

Thank you Frank, Gretchen and Dick. I so enjoyed working with you all, and I can finally say that I’m confident with my career path!

Palmer Abbey