Choosing the right flavor

31 flavorsWhen is the last time you went to a Baskin-Robbins, the ice cream shop known for the slogan “31 Flavors”?  Do you remember which flavor you chose?  Do you remember how you chose it?  Now, you may have chosen a cone with two scoops or even three scoops, but it’s doubtful you purchased a cone with 31 scoops.  You had to make a choice.  If you were like a lot customers, you may have asked the person behind the counter for some help and you may been asked some questions in return:  “Do you like chocolate? Do you like vanilla?  Do you like sweet flavors?  Do you like tart flavors?  Do you want to try a season flavor?”  This questioning helped narrow down the 31 flavors into groups and then from there you were able to further narrow your choices until you made a decision.

What in the world does ice cream have to do to with choosing the right career?  The number of flavors at the local ice cream shop pales in comparison to the diversity of industries and jobs available in today’s job market.  Add in the fact that one will experience the joy or disappointment of an early career choice far longer than a summer decision at Baskin Robbins, and it is no surprise that choosing the right career can be overwhelming.  So, how do you know what you should do for a career?  You need to be asked questions about yourself, about what you like and don’t like, and about what you are good at and not so good at.  Taking C2C’s assessment tests will help you begin to see what people like yourself like to do and are good at doing.  Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs assessment?  Have you ever taken a Career Anchors assessment?  These are two of the six tests that our C2C Coach will help you take and learn from in order to start the process of getting to know you and getting to know which career path is right for you.  Having a knowledgeable coach who can guide you as you refine and narrow your career options through a methodical process is the best way to make an overwhelming decision less daunting.

C2C can help you with your career, but you’re on your own when it comes to ice cream: Baskin-Robbins has created over 1,000 flavors since 1945!