The Third Open Letter to Recent College Graduates and Their Parents: Facing and answering the question, “Now what?”

This article first appeared in print in Forest & Bluff, Hinsdale Living, and Sheridan Road Magazines.  For a copy of the original letter, please click here

College graduation – a time when graduates, family and friends celebrate a well-deserved and hard won milestone. A great deal of time and financial investment have gone into this achievement. The promise of a bright future draws hugs and hearty handshakes.

But after the celebration, when the cap and gown have been hung in the closet, graduates and their parents face the difficult question of what to do next.

Consider these statistics:

  • Unemployment or underemployment among recent grads — people under 25 — is around 50 percent, the highest rate in more than a decade.*
  • Since 2009, fewer than half of college graduates find their first job within 12 months of graduating. Of the employed, only 43% say that their job requires a college degree.**
  • The class of 2013 will likely earn less over the next 10-15 years than graduates entering the market before the recession.***

Thankfully Campus2Career coaches and advisory board members understand the rough road ahead, and know how to deal with it. We have a proven track record of preparing young adults between 20 and 30 for today’s job search process. Our clients discover what they want to do, for whom and where. They learn how to market themselves on paper, via telephone and in person.

End result: our clients are highly valued and sought after by potential employers. The table below highlights the successful results of some of our most recent clients:

Industry/Profession Position Organization Compensation
 Not For Profit Specialist Alumni Relations Rotary International High $40K
 Finance Training Program Investment Banking MB Financial Mid $50K
Sports Marketing Scout NCSA Sports $50K + Bonus
Beer/Beverage Sales Executive Chicago Beverage Systems  $40K + Commission

Please visit our website,, or call 312.343.5593 to learn more about our hands-on approach and disciplined methodology to job search. Then meet with us to see what we can do for your recent college graduate. We’re prepared to answer all of your questions, including the ever-popular, “Now what?”

Frank Schroeder, Principal