I recently came across an article in The New York Times written by Alina Tugend titled “Just Graduated, and Fumbling Through a First Job.” It speaks to the challenges of and lessons that can be learned from one’s first job out of college. Read my thoughts and then click on the link below to view the full article.

First off, thank you to Tara Goodfellow and the other career coaches who are out there helping young adults succeed in the new workforce.

C2C has celebrated many successes in the past six months and one of my favorites is that of a former client who recently moved onto the next phase of her career.  After working with C2C, Anna found a solid entry-level role in the front office of an investment company in New York City that allowed her to learn the industry, come to an understanding of all of the job functions involved and watch the leaders move the company along, which is just what the article states.

One year later, with a good deal of networking and focus, Anna moved to a junior analyst role making more money and having more responsibility.  Way to go Anna.

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