Client Situation

  • Graduate of a small, private school in California with a master’s degree in kinesiology and sport management.
  • Three-year captain of his college lacrosse team and a two-sport high school athlete; Henry knew he wanted to work in sports.
  • After graduate school he served as the Operations Manager for a California minor league baseball team during its inaugural season; the team struggled to make money and subsequently cut staff, including Henry.
  • His preference was to stay in Northern California, where he had some personal and professional contacts.

Challenges to this Job Search

  • Henry needed to discover further and learn about the wide variety of options and job functions within the big, broad, diverse world of sports.

Campus2Career’s Approach

We encouraged Henry to pick up a part-time job while exploring his occupational options and conducting his job search; he secured an administrative position helping run a 46-team adult soccer league in San Francisco.

His résumé needed to better reflect his talents and potential, so we helped him craft his résumé and his cover letters.

Henry had a decent size network of contacts but he needed to do more networking with many more people. He was persistent and patient in doing so, continuing to focus on Northern California but broadening his conversations and search to all corners of the U.S. The C2C team connected him with a large number of individuals in the sports world, especially in the Midwest.

Henry’s communication and interview skills were actually quite good — he simply needed to tweak them and get in front of more people, which we helped him do. He did go through the mock telephone and the in-person interview as all of our clients do.


Henry conducted a solid, far-reaching job search and had a number of interviews on the West Coast. However, a C2C contact led to an initial interview in Chicago with a national sports recruiting firm, with whom he ultimately accepted an offer. Given the great opportunity, he was happy to move to Chicago.