Client Situation

  • A Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Santa Clara University
  • A high school, two sport varsity athlete
  • An extremely outgoing personality and excellent communication skills
  • FAA Private Pilot and Instrument Rating Certificates at the age of 22

Challenges to this Job Search

  • Peter had all the right ingredients to make a successful launch from campus to the real world; however he admittedly needed our services to learn how he could package himself the best way for employers.
  • He needed to explore different industries that he was interested in, through research and informational interviews.
  • He then needed to target and hone his search to specific industries and functions.

Campus2Career’s Approach

Peter’s C2C assessments revealed, “People like him tend to gravitate and be successful in jobs like….”. From this conversation, Peter worked with his coach to explore the areas of finance, trading, consulting, engineering, and a few more. Peter worked hard at preparing for the informational interviews arranged for him. Peter found a part-time job that allowed him to make connections and add to his résumé earn some in-the-meantime money, and confirm that he did not want to be in a mechanical engineering job. Peter took the time to research different companies and industries.

Peter’s coach, Sean, introduced him to colleagues and former colleagues in many different fields. Sean shared in detail what had and had not worked for him—again, always listen to older adult’s stories! Sean stayed the course with Peter and was there to encourage him along the way.


Because each client has access to the entire C2C team and especially to the two Principals throughout the process, he was on the minds of all of us when the right industry and right company and right job popped up. A C2C contact was talking to us about his needs for his new company  in the finance industry and was thrilled when we shared all that Peter had to offer.

From here, the contact met with Peter, arranged for a formal interview day with the company’s colleagues, and Peter was made a very compelling offer. As with all of our clients, the coach and the Principals fully evaluated the job offer and prepared Peter for negotiation conversations. Peter accepted the job and is on the first step in his career.